Our Company is committed to conducting its operations in accordance with the law and maintaining the highest standards of business ethics. The Company’s Policy (referred to as “Policy”) is meant to help you grasp the fundamentals of ethical behavior needed to support high standards of compliance and decency. All employees of the Company are subject to this Policy. This Policy contains some unique ideas and standards for corporate conduct that require additional scrutiny. All business dealings must be conduct ethically and legally, according with the responsibilities employees have to the Company.

Financial Information

The Company shall maintain complete and accurate books and records of its financial transactions, and must prepare and submit financial statements in conformity with generally accepted accounting standards and all applicable rules and regulations of Government relevant Departments. Employees should ensure that our reports and disclosures are comprehensive, equitable, precise, timely, and intelligible whenever collecting, providing, or analyzing information or otherwise contributing to the creation of these reports. To guarantee that the Company’s system functions efficiently to generate such reports and disclosures, all employees must work closely with our accounting department and legal professionals. There should be no unregistered or unreported Company funds generated for any reason whatsoever. Except as explicitly allowed by commonly accepted accounting regulations, no concealed obligations are permissible. The creation of false or deceptive records is prohibited.

Acceptance of Payment

No employee shall under any circumstances request for or receive any form of payment, charges, services, or other forms of reward from any individual, Company, or institution beyond from their regular job responsibilities. It is expressly forbidden to give gifts of money, currency equivalents (such as checks, gift cards, etc.), or other valuables, regardless of their worth. It is commonly acceptable to receive low-value sales promotion products, occasional dinners, and reasonable amusement suited to a corporate relationship.

Business Opportunities

While using positions, assets, or information belonging to the Company, personnel are not permitted to seize their own benefit business opportunities before providing them to the Company. Additionally, employees are forbidden from competing against the company and exploiting their position, assets, or company’s information for personal advantage.

Duty to Declare Potential Violations

It shall be obligatory to report any possible breaches of this Policy immediately when you become aware of them. You are able to address it to the CEO immediately by mail on a confidential and anonymous basis.

Business Sustainability

Any company that engages in efforts to guarantee that all procedures, services, and operations sufficiently address contemporary ethical, social, and environmental concerns while generating a profit is considered to be operating sustainably. Constant evaluation, examination, and desire for change lead to constant enhancement; there is an urge to place more emphasis on both internal and external procedures as well as performance outcomes. We are dedicated to advancing, maintaining, and operating our Company in accordance with a precise framework for inner and outer evaluation for all aspects of our services.

Quality Management:

The Company has developed and implemented Integral operational Manual compressing procedure system which provides health and safety of its operations and preventions on human injury and loss of life, avoidance of damages of marine environment and property. Apollonian Shipmanagement Ltd aim to take into account all National and International Regulations for safety practicesin the Marine Industry. All personnel both ashore and seagoing are committed to support this effort in continuous basis. The Company is Certified as per Bureau Veritas ISO 9001:2015 and partner with Allianz Marine on maritime insurance as annual audits are performed to secure Company’s High Standard Operations